perform / pərˈfɔrm /

Carry out or fulfill (an action, task, or function)

A handy network of services for your project or your company.
H25 is an Italian company active in several commercial areas with a specialisation
in professional consultancy and outsourced services management.


H25 was born from the idea of a group of professionals. It developed as a structure able to offer solutions, consultancy and diversified business strategies..

The spirit that drives us meets the market and becomes reality thanks to a global network of services.

If you can imagine it, you can make it happen.

From the viewpoint of productivity and innovation, our aim is to inspire our Business Partners and our clients with creative solutions and strategic dynamics.

H25 Business Company

H25 Business Company is a global supplier of consultancy services. Through market analysis and project planning we can offer customised consultancy able to optimise your business. We offer concrete solutions and practical models to improve your business.

Start Up Consulting

We support start-ups during their growth with the aim of cooperating actively inside the market. The objective is to improve management processes through the structural organisation of the business.

Business, Industry & Finance

We improve services, simplify processes and reduce costs. Our consolidated experience allows us to support our clients guiding them in the strategic choices and operations management.

Governance & Public Policy

Our clients can rely on extensive network of Network Provisioning services, Network Assurance and Access Management. This allows us to improve quality, reduce costs and have greater capacity in terms of flexibility and resources.

Events & Sponsorships

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Our Projects

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The best way to move

An innovative product for sustainable transportation

Hibike® is an electrical bike, fully environmentally friendly, which was developed to improve the way we travel across town.

Thanks to the technologies employed and the subsequent development tests, we managed to bring to the market a bike that can adapt itself to any city route.

Our objective is to help people “live” the city.


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