We do not provide services. We provide solutions.

We do not provide services.
We provide solutions.


H25 Globe is a company that operates in the facility management sector and in the management in outsourcing of corporate secondary activities. We develop innovative solutions for the management of human resources, by integrating valid traditional criteria and state-of-the-art technologies to guarantee economic as well as operational efficiency in the world of services. In the context of facility management our core business focusses on the hotel business sector with the aim of increasing the services offered while considering a constantly growing and evolving market.

Le nostre qualità nell’ottimizzazione della gestione delle risorse umane.



List of activities and (direct and indirect) services provided by H25 Globe.

Notary Legal Services

  • Trade Union settlements
  • Assistance in the area of commercial and company law
  • Assistance in the area of labour disputes
  • Credit recovery
  • Civil and tax mediation
  • Notary services (incorporations, amendments, company dissolutions, etc.)

Labour Consultancy

  • Consultancy on employees pay grade and choice of National Labour Contract
  • Registration/changes/de-registration with authorities
  • Hiring and dismissal practises
  • Payslip processing
  • INAIL self-liquidation
  • Relations with social security institutions
  • Labour consultancy (contracts and strategies)
  • Calculations for labour disputes
  • Trade Union settlements
  • Payslip services for CONSULTANTS

Workplace health and safety

  • Check-up
  • Corporate organisation
  • Employer training as RSPP
  • Preparation of safety power of attorneys for Directors and/or Executives
  • Personalised cards for the assignment of PPE
  • Risks assessment
  • Preparation of documentation related to risks assessment
  • Preparation of Operation Safety Plans (O.S.P.)
  • Employees training
  • Occupational medicine
  • Emergency management
  • Verification and supervision with assistance in the relation with quality control bodies (Local Health Administration, Labour Inspectorate)


  • Client orientation: we optimise our services in their interest, by creating cooperation based on trust and reciprocal respect.
  • Organisation and flexibility: the presence of branches on the national territory ensures prompt intervention to meet any H25 need.
  • Quality controls: we constantly verify the observance of the standards of services offered and the achievement of the expected outcome
  • Qualified personnel: we offer reliability, professionalism and punctuality; we have always invested in personnel training and upgrade of professional instruments that are useful for the operational efficiency of our work teams.

Hotel Business

  • Cleaning of common areas and offices
  • Tidying and cleaning of rooms
  • Hotel laundry service
  • Supply of complimentary toiletries
  • Insurance policies and risks cover
  • Possibility to review specifications during the execution of the service


  • Legal and tax feasibility analysis conducted by expert professionals
  • Doorman service and surveillance (also armed)
  • Porterage
  • Small maintenance
  • Green spaces management
  • Floral designers


H25 Globe activities also include hiring and washing of linen. We are able to fulfil needs in various sectors and activities, such as hotels, large communities, work environments and healthcare.

The system can handle up to 30 tons/day of linen. The laundry uses a water-based industrial system for the restoration of used linen. This is done through a water and steam-based mechanical and sanitation treatment.

This service is available in the following two modes of supply:

Global Service: Joint supply of materials and personnel for the cleaning and linen service in hotel with “occupied room”.

“Pay-as-you-go” washing and hiring of linen: the garments used by the clients are collected, counted, divided by article and placed in trolleys provided by the laundry, ready for loading. The same quantity of cleaned linen is returned. At the end of the month, a statement is issued with the total of delivered garments and the related applied tariff.


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