Renewable energy and increase of energy efficiency.

Renewable energy and increase
of energy efficiency.


H25 Green is an Italian company that operates in the renewable energy sector. Our objective is to generate new sustainability methods through the development and design of new technologies.

Increasing Energy Efficiency

H25 Green promotes and funds efforts of improvement of energy efficiency for public and private entities. The offer includes the supply of integrated services that allow the client to have a single dedicated contact with regards to technical, procedural and financial aspects connected to the process of increasing energy efficiency.

In this way it possible to guarantee to the client an actual reduction in the supply costs through contracts stipulated on the basis of savings objectives identified before the intervention.


Intelligent illumination

H25 Green also focusses on LED lighting, by selecting products with the greatest care and offering both indoor and outdoor solutions.

H25 Green brings to the market an entire range of innovative products in terms of lighting technique installations. Products are developed according to procedures that allow a considerable reduction in terms of consumption, maintenance costs and environmental impact.

Constant researchdevelopment and innovation activities makes it possible to improve and future-proof our skills.


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